Resus Algorithms


Resus Algorithms 2 - the original cross platform app, now with the Resuscitation Council (UK) Algorithms for Guidelines 2015, and more..

Resuscitation Council (UK) Website

The algorithms are presented in an interactive manner, allowing users to navigate them by touch and only displaying the pertinent information on screen.

This is an ongoing development and will be updated as and when the Resuscitation Council (UK) update the guidelines.


Android 4.1+


Includes algorithms for:

  • Adult Basic Life Support
  • Adult choking algorithm
  • AED algorithm
  • In-hospital resuscitation
  • Adult Advanced Life Support
  • Adult bradypanelia algorithm
  • Adult tachypanelia algorithm
  • Anaphylaxis algorithm
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support
  • Paediatric choking treatment
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Newborn Life Support



This new section provides referenced information as well as links to Resusictation Council (UK) resources on Chest Compressions and Defibrillation, as well as a CPR recorder

CPR Recorder

This new feature is for use by the CPR timekeeper.


  • Record the Start of CPR
  • Record Shock and Adrenaline administration times
  • Email anonymous data for your and/or your departmental records

Data Tracking & Privacy

Resus Algorithms 2 does not track data, unlike Resus Algorithms 1.

Resus Algorithms 2 needs permission to access your Contacts for shariing and emailing purposes only. This data is not stored or used for any other purpose.

What people said about Resus Algorithms 1

"I've just completed the RCUK ALS course and thought this may be a bit out dated but it doesn't seem to be! Really handy little app as a memory jogger!"

"Great on the Go info Useful tool to have 4 every midwife neoatologist and neonate nurses"

"Very nice, simple and informative"

"Instant information that is extremely useful both to learn in case of an emergency and to use during an emergency."