ENTSHO- a cross platform app containing the ENTSHO guidelines from ENTSHO,com


The guidelines are grouped by topic and subtopic. They are navigable by touch.

This is an ongoing development and will be updated as and when the Difficult Airway Society update the guidelines.


Android 4.1+


Includes guidelines on:

  • ENT conditions - Airway, Ear, Nose, Throat and Neck
  • Skills - practical procedures - COMING SOON
  • Operations - the most commonly performed ENT procedures, including indications, length, basic steps, potential complications, postoperative care and prescriptions - COMING SOON


User Guide

Select a section by touching a tab:

  • ENT - 30 guidelines in 5 sub-sections
  • SKILLS - 12 guidelines - COMING SOON
  • OPERATIONS - 18 guidelines - COMING SOON
  • INFO - About the app

When viewing guidelines text with arrows will take you to a different guideline.

The back button <, or back button on Android devices, will take you back a step.

Extenal links are opened by touching the black buttons with white text on them.


ENTSHO is produced on behalf of the ExcellENT charity.

ExcellENT is a charity promoting first-class education for health professionals & investing in innovative research for patient benefit

ExcellENT Website

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