DAS App v2 - a cross platform app with the Difficult Airway Society guidelines.

DAS Website

The algorithms are presented in an interactive manner, allowing users to navigate them by touch and only displaying the pertinent information on screen.

This is an ongoing development and will be updated as and when the Difficult Airway Society update the guidelines.


Android 4.1+


Includes guidelines for:

  • Intubation
  • Extubation
  • Paediatric airway management
  • Obstetric guidelines


User Guide

Select a section by touching a tab:

  • Intubation - 3 guidelines
  • Extubation - 3 guidelines
  • Paediatric - 3 guidelines
  • Obstetric - 4 guidlines and 2 tables

When viewing guidelines buttons with arrows will take you to the next section of that guideline.

The back button <, or back button on Android devices, will take you back a step.

Information boxes can be opened by pressing buttons with on them.

New Obstetric Guidelines

The new OAA guidlines come as 4 algorithms; 1 Master and 3 others, and 2 tables.

The OAA algorihms have a map button in the top right corner. Touching this will open an overview of that algorithm with a red box around the section of the algorithm that you are currently viewing.

See the screenshots on this page for an example of this feature.