BCH KIDS is a cross platform companion app to the Birmigham Childrens Hospital KIDS (Kids' Intensive Care and Decision Support) website and service.

BCH KIDS Website

The app contains the signed off clinical guides and checklists as featured on the website, repackaged in an interactive and easy to use form for mobile devices.

This is an ongoing developement and will be updated as and when KIDS update or add to the guides and checklists.


Android 4.0+


What's Included

  • Asthma
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Coronavirus guidance
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • ETT strapping (oral) technique
  • Fluid and electrolyte therapy
  • Status Epilepticus
  • Calcium gluconate monograph
  • Insulin/Glucose monograph
  • Tranexamic acid monograph
  • Hyperammonia
  • Neurosurgical Emergency
  • Pre-intubation
  • Ventilated Patients




The Home panel contains information about KIDS and the app.


The Guidelines panel contains the Guidelines menu. You can access any of the Guidelines from here. Each Guideline is arranged in collapsible sections - touch to open a section, touch another section to open that section and close the previous section.


The Checklist panel contains the Checklist menu. You can access any of the Checklists from here. Like the Guidelines each Checklist is arranged in collapsible sections - touch to open a section, touch another section to open that section and close the previous section.

The Checklists are interactive.

Opening a Checklist section will reveal a list of items that must be checked off in order to Complete the list. Touching an item will toggle it as checked or unchecked. When all the items in a section are checked the heading of that section will turn green.

When all the sections are fully checked and completed (and all the headings are green) the Checklist is Complete - the "Checklist Incomplete" text at the top of the list will change to say "CHECKLIST COMPLETE!".

You can reset a Checklist at any time using the Reset button. You will be asked for confirmation before the Checklist is reset.

A guide is also included in the app. On the Checklist menu touch the button to view it.


The Panel is accessed from the Home section by touching the Cog

The Panel gives access to other features of the app.

You can Share the app.

You can view the Disclaimer.

You can view What's not included. Certain guides and documents from the BCH KIDS website are not included in the app (due to a variety of reasons). They are:

  • The KIDS Drug Calculator.
  • The KIDS Infusion Guide.
  • The KIDS Major Trauma Guideline.
  • The KIDS Massive Haemorrhage Guideline.

Links to all of these documents are included. They can all be found on the BCH KIDS Website.

You can give Feedback to BCH KIDS through the Feedback page.

You can access the Data Tracking page.


Data Tracking

On starting BCH KIDS for the first time you'll be asked to opt in to Anonymous Data Tracking.

Opting in allows BCH KIDS to send usage data to Google. No personal information is sent, only information about use patterns. This information is used to improve the application.

If you opt in you have the further option of providing your profession via the drop-down list. You can select Anonymous if you don't wish this to be tracked.

You can turn Data Tracking on and off at any time. Access the section through the Panel


You must read the Disclaimer prior to using the BCH KIDS app.

By using the BCH KIDS app you agree to the statements in the Disclaimer.