Anaesthetic Reference Cards


Anaesthetic Reference Cards is a cross platform app for anaesthetists, particularly aimed at novices. It is a set of checklist 'cards' intended to teach about safety during the stages of peri-operative anaesthesia.

The concept is based on the pre-flight check cards used in commercial aviation.


Android 4.4+


Anaesthetic Reference Cards is compatible with mobile phones and tablets.



Anaesthetic Reference Cards is split into sections, or card 'stacks':


  • Pre-assessment
  • Outbrief
  • Walk round
  • Pre-induction
  • Post-induction
  • Pre-waking
  • After waking

Touching the title of each 'stack' will open the set of 'cards'. You can swipe back and forth through the cards.


Each set of cards has a unique header colour.

The dots at the bottom of the card show how many cards are in the stack and the current position.

Each card has a set of items you can check off by touching.

You can reset all of the checkboxes on one card with the Reset button.

You can reset an entire set of cards with the Undo All button at the top right

Note: if you leave a stack, to go to the Checklist Menu, all cards will be cleared.

Useful Numbers

The Useful Numbers section can be accessed from the Menu

There are 5 lockable fields where you can store alphanumeric information about useful numbers. E.g. ITU x5500

To unlock the field use the toggles. The closed and open padlock indicates whether a field is locked or not.


Anaesthetic Reference Cards would like to collect information about how you use it. We collect data on which parts of the app are most often visited. This enables us to profile which parts of the app are most useful, which in turn allows us to refine the user experience and content. We never collect any personal information, all data collected is completely anonymous

You can turn Analytics on or off from the Settings & Info.

If you wish you can opt out of Analytics in this section of the app.


Anaesthetic Reference Cards is ad supported.

This means that once per use a fullscreen advert will come up. You can dismiss it by presseing on the X in to top left or right hand cornder

Occasionally an advert will come up if you suspend and resume the app, such as when using your device multi-tasking procedure.


You must read the Disclaimer prior to using Anaesthetic Reference Cards.

By using Anaesthetic Reference Cards you agree to the statements in the Disclaimer.


Anaesthetic Reference Cards is a Subjective Effect production, in collaboration with the content authors Dr Robert Tipping & Dr Oliver Hawksley

Content is Crown Copyright

Feedback & Support

You can email us from the app.

There is also a link to this site.

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